Nathan Johan On May - 5 - 2015


One day, as I was getting ready to settle down and play one of my video games, Mom came to me and informed me that our neighbor’s sister was suddenly rendered homeless and had no place else to go. She wondered if, perhaps, we could go and pick her up. I got up from my computer seat and went with Mom to Harrington, DE, at a hotel where the sister was staying. We picked her up and she related to us what happened and her life circumstances. Before leaving, she asked if we could stop at McDonald’s and buy her a drink of Coca-Cola. We did, and then took her home.

It is written in Matthew 25 that people will be divided into two groups, the sheep and the goats. The sheep will be given eternal life, while the goats will receive eternal fire. One of the things in verse 35 that the sheep will have done to receive eternal life is giving water to those who were thirsty. God identifies Himself with those who suffer; hence, He identifies with the thirsty. When the sheep give something to drink to those who are thirsty, they give God something to drink. That, then, was what we did when we gave a Coke to our neighbor’s sister: we gave God a drink of Coca-Cola.

Now, one of the great mysteries of the Divine Nature of God has been solved, that is, what does He drink? Coca-Cola.

So, when you give a drink to someone in need, remember to get them Coca-Coca. ;)

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