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The Saints have a Holy Lands RPG group running a campaign on Roll20.  We meet most Friday nights at 8:30 pm EST on our TS3 server, and create our own Subchannel in the Temporary Gaming area.  We’ve been meeting a little less frequently here recently due to the holidays, but we’re starting to pick them back up again.

I decided to write on this for this blog post, because the group has recently run into a serious event.  The healer of our group prayed for the miracle of hellfire to burn a tree bilk.  The bilk caught on fire, and a group member that the bilk was holding was burned to death in the process, and failed their save vs. death roll, making the death non-resurrectable.  This causes us to stop and think about 2 things in particular:  1.  Would a miracle from God cause the death of somebody we care about?  2.  What is permadeath, when it comes to the power of God?  Or rather, what is impossible with God?

Holy Lands RPG requires that the Rac (Game Master) obey the dice, so that they cannot speak for God.  The dice speak for God (it’s the closest that we can come to for seeking his will in a game world, though we can all agree that this falls woefully short, but we use what we can, while understanding our limitations).  This has caused a bit of a discussion to arise within the group, concerning the abilities of the game to translate the will of God.  When it comes to the created world, we all have to recognize the fact that it cannot embody its creator.  All we could ever hope to achieve with it, is a cheap imitation.  This is why idolatry is so absurd.  When it comes to gaming, we need to keep a separate perspective of fantasy and reality, or we find ourselves trying to force God into a situation of our own creation, and not his creation.  This creates an innately fallible scenario, which is as absurd as worshiping a god made of human hands.

We all have our limitations as to how far we allow games to go down ungodly paths before we say that it’s too far for our comfort levels to disassociate from our individual sense of morality.  What are some of the games that you have struggled with in the past?  What are some of the games that you have tried, and found to be beyond your sense of morality, and had to put aside?  What are some of the games that others have had trouble with, but you have been able to play because they didn’t trouble your walk with Christ?  I’ll give you some of mine:

THQ’s Darksiders:  I got 10 minutes into the game and decided to return it for a full refund.  I could not fight angels and feel okay with it, even in a purely fictional setting.

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine:  Very violent and gory, yet I can play this for hours on end and not be bothered by it.  Killing orks, chaos, and eldar does not bother me.  War is violent and gory in real life, and its portrayal in games does not effect me anymore than it did in Iraq.  In fact, it was the faith of a Space Marine in the Emperor of Mankind that led me to seeking something for myself that I could believe in, and eventually led me to seek after Christ, who I was introduced to by Thru The Bible by Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

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