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Greetings to all my fellow Saints in the Lord!

Just a quick update on the status of The Repopulation. The Repopulation has undergone major changes in the past few months and I thought it fitting to highlight some of these changes to whet your appetite.

Real quick, however, for those new to The Repopulation: It is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG set in the future where the only way for humanity to survive is via cloning. They live on a hostile planet called Rhyldan where they fight not only the native species but each other. More information can be found in this previous blog post.

Back to the business at hand: First, the NDA has been lifted! Previously, in order to test The Repopulation, one had to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), thus promising that they wouldn’t reveal any secrets in-game. However, one can now post videos and pictures of The Repopulation publicly on the Internet without fear of reprisal. Videos of The Repopulation can be seen on YouTube (I won’t add links as there is some problematic material in the game inconsistent with the guild’s Constitution; however, this doesn’t mean the game is terrible. Just avoid the bars and cantinas and you should be fine.).

Secondly, The Repopulation has entered its fourth and final round of Alpha. After years of laborious work, the developers have provided a partial road map of the next stages that the game will take (however, they haven’t provided a release date yet). According to one of the developers, the game is 95% complete and all that is left is adding the remaining features and refining them as more players come into Beta.

Thirdly, they’ve added three new servers for testing: a US East server;  a US West server; and, a Europe server.

Fourthly (noticing a pattern here?), not only has The Repopulation initiated a new round of funding, but it is also available on Steam! There are currently three tiers of buying the game on it’s website: the $40 Gold package; the $60 Platinum package; and the $100 Platinum+ package – each has its own unique benefits. As for Steam, only the first package is available, nonetheless, it is a great option for those with Steam accounts!

Last but not least, The Repopulation has undergone a slew of major updates, including revamping the design of the world; tweaking armor sets; modifying the crafting aspect; introducing new engagements and missions; and also redesigning the tutorials of both OWON and FPR and giving players new options for where to go after they’re done with the tutorials instead of just one location.

Surely, a whole lot has been done with the game. Considering how great the game was previously, in spite of the numerous bugs, it has been revamped. For the particularly enthused, I highly recommend this game! It still has bugs, but they’re working diligently to squash them.

So what are you waiting for?! Play it! Play it NOW!

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  1. Torshan says:


    Fired the game back up through Steam. Did the Intro again and felt it was much less “clunky” the second time around. Look forward to spending a little time reading the mission lore and learning crafting. :)

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