Nathan Johan On November - 26 - 2014


I wish to give a praise report and give thanksgiving to my God for His Divine Providence!

Several weeks ago, I was on my way to a youth prayer meeting for my church’s upcoming conference – Time of Harvest. While I was on my way, I noticed one of my friends driving up behind me. He was in a hurry and was rushing to get to church. He swerved around me when he could, and rushed ahead in his vehicle, even though we had the same destination. I felt lead to pray for him, so I prayed, “Lord, please protect my friend from his own reckless driving.” He has had a habit of driving recklessly in the past.

As I approached the road on which my church resides, I noticed two vehicles pulled off to the side of the road. Apparently, there had been an accident. Upon further inspection, I could see that one of the vehicles was my friend’s! I past them, and swerved around, and parked where they were at, and asked my friend and the others if they were OK. Everyone replied that they were. The only real damage that occurred on my friend’s car and the other people’s car were minor scraps and scratches. They were only waiting there for the police to arrive. I said OK, and went to church and made mention of the incident, and asked everyone there to pray for it.

This tale shows that God does answer prayer, and that He does set a hedge of protection around His saints! It scares me to think what might have happened if I didn’t pray for my friend! This is my thanksgiving report! I hope that everyone will be thankful this Thanksgiving, and reflect on the goodness of God and His Divine Providence! Praise the Lord our God!

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