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Solo Christo

Tie him down and beat him well,

Make his eyes to close and swell.

Rip his flesh and punch his face,

Make him wallow in disgrace!


This Jewish “king” deserves no peace,

Let the pain continue, do not cease!

Laugh and rip his beard away,

He won’t need it any way!


Where we send him he will find,

Agony of a brand new kind.

Crown his head with rending thorns,

Make sure his mother and father mourns!


Push him down into the dirt!

Make the children’s eyes avert!

Carry your cross upon your back,

While I make my whip snap and crack!


Beaten, battered, we’ve killed the heir!

His body broken, ripped and bare!

Stripped of glory, now full of shame,

We spit and hit, and curse his name.


Nail him down on to those boards!

Hear us now, we’re screaming hordes!

Lift him up, into the sky,

Hold him there, nice and high!


But wait! What did we hear him sigh?

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

What did he say? What does it mean?

My Father, why have you forsaken me?


The crowd before him,

Has not a single clue.

“Forgive them Father,

They know not what they do.”


He hears the thief on left and right,

Bicker back and forth and fight.

But now they stop and hear his voice,

He gives one reason to rejoice


He tells the thief in words so nice,

“Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”


All hope is heaped upon one man.

All else is lost that has began.

We can’t begin to know his pain,

But for our sakes, he does not wane.


Could have brought his angels near,

Instead he took the so severe

Upon the cross, we’ve put the King,

He should have been our everything.


He chose to go for you and me,

Spilled his blood so we could be,

Forgiven for our sins so black,

He would have been right to not look back.


It’s not what we have done to him,

But what he has done for us.

Our future, once so dark and grim,

He took himself, without a fuss.


He washed me, made me white as snow,

So now I say, solo Christo.


-Aaron Faulkner

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