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The prayers of a mother are very powerful and are not to be underestimated. Here is one example:

Hannah (Samuel’s mother). Hannah, as we all know, was one of the wives of Elkanah who could not bear any children. She was constantly ridiculed by her husband’s other wife for this. As a result, Hannah went to the temple in Shiloh and prayed to God. There was so much grief in her heart, she could only utter her lips without speaking. Her prayer was, “God, if you’ll give me a male child, I’ll devote him to You for the rest of his life, and there shall not come a razor upon his head.” (I Sam. 1:11) Eli thought she was drunk and condemned her for such, but she said that she was only making a vow to the Lord because of her grief. Eli blessed her and said he hoped the Lord would grant her petition. He did, and she bore a son whom she dedicated to the Lord for the rest of his life.  (I Sam. 1 & 2) This man, Samuel, would go on to become one of the greatest judges of Israel. He anointed Israel’s first two kings. He was a prophet and a great influence in Israel’s history, setting the stage for the advent of the future Messiah – Jesus Christ. All this was because of one mother’s prayer which has had an immeasurable, eternal influence not just on a nation, but countless future generations of Jews and Christians.

The next two cases are not as well known, but are nonetheless true and equally important:

Achyamma (Dr. K.P.Yohannan’s mother). In the book Revolution in World Missions, Achyamma, an Indian woman, was a mother of six sons, yet she saw none of them entering into the ministry. Hence, she prayed very desperately one morning that one of her sons would receive a burden on their hearts for the ministry and preaching. Every Friday after that for three and a half years, she fasted and prayed for this to come to pass for one of her sons. It eventually did, through her youngest son, K.P. Yohannan. Dr. K.P. Yohannan has gone on from street preaching to heading a very large international organization called Gospel For Asia which is dedicated to reaching the lost in the 10-40 window that encompasses the majority of the world’s population of unsaved people. They are doing great and mighty works for God, especially in India, the central focus of Gospel For Asia’s efforts and the heart of the 10-40 window. They’re not only reaching the lost with the Gospel, but also doing good works for the millions of poor people in the country. A great harvest of souls has been reaped through one man’s ministry. Again, all this has been because of one mother’s prayer.

Lee Stoneking’s mother. Lee Stoneking’s mother was originally a member of a church which believed in Pentecostal revival – baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in foreign tongues – however she married a man who took her out of it. Later, when she had her baby, Lee Stoneking, while her husband was plowing the fields, she went into a nearby forest, knelt beside a stump, and prayed to God, saying, “Lord, I’ve made a mess of my life, but You can do something with this,” holding up her baby in the air. Lee Stoneking grew up and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at age twenty-three. Since then, he has gone on to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world and has performed miracles by God’s mighty wonder-working power, such as the lame walking and sick people healed. Even Lee himself died and rose again from the dead after a major heart attack which left him dead for forty-five minutes! A great many people around the world have been saved through one man’s efforts and prayers and it has been because of one mother’s prayer.

The prayers of a mother cannot be underestimated! Everyone’s prayers have weight, but there is something peculiar about a mother’s prayers for her children that is absolutely phenomenal!

If there are any mothers in our guild, I beseech you in the Name of Jesus Christ, God Almighty: pray for your children! If you haven’t, start now!!! It’s never too late! As the foregoing examples have shown, a mother’s prayers for her children can have an everlasting and eternal impact! You don’t know what God can do through your children! You may or may not know, but nonetheless, pray for your children!!! It may be they’ll become the harbingers of revival! Hallelujah, give God the glory!





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