Nathan Johan On May - 27 - 2014


Many of us feel at times that we are worthless and as such are not fit for service for the Lord. However, worthlessness is not an excuse because it is not true! Here’s how.

We’ve probably heard it said that God can replace us. If so, this says we’re replaceable. Does it go farther and say we’re expendable?

I say “No!” and here’s why: The notion of expendability says, “Discard when you want to.” In other words, throw away on a whim. This carries the connotation of worthlessness, like throwing away a cup of soda; it has a sole purpose for a time, then it becomes valueless. If applied to God, then it says He doesn’t care about us and discards us on a whim. Free will and value aren’t preserved; everything is determined by the whims of a careless God. If this is so, then He truly isn’t a God of love.

Replaceability, on the other hand, says, “Discard only when necessary.” In other words, throw away only in the extreme degree. This is good, in that the integrity and value of the object, or person is preserved. For example, is a printer goes bad, work would be done on it to see if it could work again. If so, great; if not, they keep trying to fix it until they’re ultimately forced to throw it away after after exhausting all possible alternatives.

Now, apply the forgoing to God, and we see that He does regard us with value. If we fall into sin, He convicts us until we get right with Him or continue in sin. If it is the latter case, He will continue to convict, or “repair”, us until, in the very last, extreme degree of the human condition, He washes His hands of us if we truly are stubborn. This shows that free will and value are preserved, whereas expendability tosses the two aside.

So, worthlessness is not an excuse because we are valued in the sight of God. We are unworthy, but thank God, we’re made worthy by His blood. We are replaceable, but only if we make ourselves so full of stubbornness and pride that God cannot enter us and use us to His glory.

Praise the Lord, we’re not worthless! Unworthy, yes, but not worthless! Thank Jesus for His death, in Jesus’ name! Amen.

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