Nathan Johan On April - 19 - 2014


New Year’s Eve, 2013. My mom, dad, and I went to Saulsbury, MD, to attend the New Year’s Eve party that was taking place in the city’s square. We traveled in our car and saw various shops and stores, a number of which a Christian should not even think of going into. We parked our car and traveled to the city square, which wasn’t far. As we got there, we saw a sign saying, “No alcoholic drinks beyond this point.” While that was good, the atmosphere around us was oppressive in the spirit. Fear crept up upon me and my mother could feel the same. I don’t know what spirits were operating at that place, but one thing I know for sure: they weren’t godly.

Ultimately, we decided to leave because my mom and I couldn’t take the heat. Bummed out, we departed back to our vehicle. However, as we were leaving, we came upon a little blonde-headed girl who was crying for her mommy. Concerned, my mom quieted the girl and gently prodded her for her name. My dad contacted an official of the celebration and told him of the situation. The official took us to a security trailer and told us to wait while they were searching for the mother. It was during this time that my mom told me we were doing a good thing because very bad things might have happened to the little girl. My mom has a burden for women and girls throughout the entire world, especially those caught up in slavery and abusive conditions. This resonated with me as we waited. Ultimately, the girl’s mother came, quite distraught but pleased at finding her daughter. She thanked us most profusely and we welcomed her in turn. We then left for home, celebrating the turn of the year.

The above story was told to teach this simple lesson. Things may not turn out the way we had planned. In my family’s case, our celebrating the turn of the New Year was derailed by evil spirits and an oppressive atmosphere. Feeling disturbed, we then left, but along the way we helped a little girl find her mother. So while we didn’t get to celebrate the New Year as we planned, we did, however, indirectly arrange a good new year for a little girl who could have been kidnapped or worse. Thus, it reminds me of this lesson: God sees things we don’t see and knows things we don’t know. His way are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isa. 55:8). I believe He meant for us to be there, not for the party, but for the helping of a little girl. Who knows what could’ve happened if we hadn’t been there? Hence, I thank God for the wonderful opportunity to save a little girl from a wretched fate and help shine a light into a woman’s life.

In short, if things don’t work out the way you had planned, don’t fret nor worry. Do not accuse God falsely, nor complain about your unmet expectations. It might be that God is going to use you in a way you had not considered nor thought could happen in a million years.  Simply put your trust in Him and He shall use you mightily.

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