Alexrneb On March - 2 - 2014

Alexrneb: Hey, thanks for joining me today! Today we will be talking about general information on ships in Star Citizen. Out of all of the ships that are currently available which is the best combat ship?

Kix: Combat as in ship vs ship, I would say the Hornet hands down so far. The reason is that it is designed for dogfighting. That’s its job and really only job. It has more weapons then any other ship to include 2 nose guns, turret with 2 guns, 2 wing guns, and I believe missiles.

Alexrneb: When it comes to combat ships, which is better: manuverability or firepower?

Kix: This all depends on the pilot’s skill level. Some people will say manuverability because if you can move out of the way of getting hit and move in position fast to take someone out then you will have the upper hand. On the other spectrum is the firepower. If you have enough ammo going down range it doesn’t matter how good a pilot is, he will get hit and he will go down. I personally like manuverability because without it you don’t stand a chance. You could have the biggest gun on a ship but if you can’t maneuver you’re a dead man.

Alexrneb: List in your opinion the top 5 combat ships.


1) Hornet

2) Connie

3) Retaliator

4) 325A

5) Cutless

Alexrneb: Out of all of the ships that are currently available which is the best trading/fueling/mining ship?

Kix: Starfarer because according to the lore it can do all those well. The Banu merchantman is second but I don’t think it can refuel anyone, but is hands down the best trading vessel because it’s been doing it for years. The Starfarer can refuel in flight and carry cargo. Mining? Hmmm well nothing out yet, but my guess is some Vanduul ship.

Alexrneb: List in your opinion the top 2 trading/fueling/mining ships.


1) Starfarer

2) Banu Merchantman

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  1. Torshan says:

    Nice read! But, what’s up? No love for my Freelancer? :)

  2. Alexrneb says:

    Sorry, But I plan to ask someone else the same question so maybe their opinion of the freelancer will be bigger than Kix’s. :)

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