Alexrneb On February - 5 - 2014

Alexrneb: Hey Rogue, thanks for joining us today! Can you tell us a little bit about the ARC Alliance?

Rogue:  ARC began as a project negotiated first between S3G and CS7.  As a written alliance agreement was worked out by CS7, they reached out to a few other Christian guilds and we all held meetings to discuss the idea.  Knight Wardens participated in the discussions as we shared our vision for a meaningful Christian alliance ring for Star Citizen.  Together we worked to refine and focus the language of our alliance constitution.

Actually, one of the first items of discussion was the name of the alliance.  Several of us had spent hours brainstorming and playing with possibilities.  In the meeting Jao shared the fruit of those hours: ARC, Allies Representing Christ.  At once, every member in the meeting shared that “aha” moment and agreed that ARC was the right name.  Even though ARC is an acronym, it brings to mind of number of Christian images: Noah’s Ark, The Ark of the Covenant, Arch-Angels, and so on.

The name fits our alliance in a few ways.  First, we are truly allies.  Here in the diplomacy division, we operate under the notion that diplomatic relationships can vary by degree and purpose.  For Star Citizen, we currently recognize three levels of positive diplomatic relationship.

1) Non-aggression Pact – a treaty to maintain direct neutrality towards each other
2) Trade Agreement – a non-aggression pact with favored trading status and friendly posture
3) Alliance – full alliance with mutual defense and joint operation

As a full alliance, all members of ARC are pledged to mutual defense and joint operation.  This means that if a Saints ship is taking fire, any other ARC ship in the area will come to our aid.  Likewise, we will come to the aid and defense of our allies.  We will maintain our individual integrity, but we will most certainly have each other’s back and best interests always at heart.  This point was shared passionately by each and every guild leader present for our discussions.  We had to know that we would truly be brothers-in-arms.

Second, the ARC name fits our alliance ring because we are all Christian-based gaming communities.  While Saints 3G is very unique in the gaming world by ensuring an all-Christian membership, the other guilds in our alliance are led by Christians and operate under Christian codes of conduct and direction.  Our shared identities in Christ mean we can trust the integrity and intentions of our fellow ARC members.  Together as an alliance of Christian guilds, we will represent Christ in the Star Citizen universe.

Alexrneb: What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of this Alliance?

Rogue: I think you can draw out the benefits of such an alliance.  We will multiply our safety in numbers, have trustworthy trade partners, and an even larger force with which to protect our interests and assets.  We can and will join together under the ARC banner for large operations.  Those who may wish us harm will have to consider wisely whether they really want to take on the combined might of the ARC Alliance.  From this position of strength, we hope not only to maximize the playing enjoyment of our members, but also faithfully represent Christ to the gaming world.

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  1. Torshan says:

    Nice Q and A, Alex!

    And, thanks to the Diplomatic Division of S3G for all their hard work in making this possible!

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