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By now, I’m sure the majority of Saints 3G has heard about The Repopulation. However, for those who are newcomers, or those who are veterans but have not logged in a while, or for the idle person browsing the web, this blog is for you!

The Repopulation is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG set several centuries into the future. Earth is destroyed and the last remnants of humanity have stowed aboard colony ships heading for planets that can possibly support life. At first, the ships were able to keep in contact with each other, but as they drifted further and further apart, their responses kept getting weaker until they all were too far apart to make any more contact. Some ships were destroyed, others lost in the dark oblivion of space, but a few survived. This is the tale of one of those surviving ships – the Northern Star. The colony ship eventually made its way to a planet called Rhyldan and colonized the planet. However the survival of the only known remnant of humanity is at stake, since the colonists not only have to fight the local wildlife and the native species, but also with each other, as they have split amongst themselves into different nations.

The game incorporates many elements common to MMORPGs. It has a unique three-faction system, in which players can align with the two major factions, OWON or FPR, or strike out on their own as Rogue nations, the in-game equivalent of a guild. PvP will be supported in that nations will have to strive with each other for the resources on the planet. Nations will be able to strike alliances with other nations or become fierce enemies with each other. Sieging other players’ cities will be possible. PvE mechanics include a generated missions system suited specifically to your play style, such as Crafting missions, Thief missions, etc., and a unique system called Engagements, which will be explained shortly. Crafting is also supported through a complex system which allows for literally thousands of variations in such diverse items as armor, weapons, and personal fashion items. Also, depending on the level of your skills in a certain area of crafting, the quality of your end-product can vary, ranging from poor to exceptional. Players can freely delve into either one or all of these facets of gameplay and can even play the game without going into combat.

The Repopulation’s leveling scheme is skills-based rather than level-based. In other words, a player levels up in as many as 75 skills which they use, such as Forestry, Swimming, Mining, Thievery, going all the way up to Grand Master within a specific skill set. New players need not worry about a veteran player one-shot-killing them, as the game is designed to be evenly balanced skill-wise to where two or more new players can take on a veteran player and overcome them.

The greatest strength and central core of The Repopulation’s gameplay, though, is its sandbox nature. Borrowing many concepts from famous sandbox games such as Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online and providing new features on its own, The Repopulation features a dynamic gaming system which responds to players’ actions. One particular feature is the Engagement system. The Engagement system works like this: a threat emerges from some bandits who plague the local roads. At first, they’re just a small threat, harassing only local traffic and small towns. However, depending on the players’ responses, the threat could grow to where the bandits become angered by the players’ actions and increase their harassment to more than just the local routes and towns and start expanding their operations and increasing in numbers. Eventually, if not dealt with appropriately, the bandits could go on a rampage, declare total war and invade entire cities, thus affecting the general region. New mission opportunities will spring up and will not default back to their original settings until the bandit menace is dealt with. All this in turn will generate new engagements which will shape and morph depending on the outcome of the previous parent engagement.

Another hallmark for The Repopulation is the artificial intelligence of its NPCs, namely, that they can remember how you’ve treated them, and will act accordingly, whether by praising your name to other players or yelling and throwing stones at you.

All of the preceding is just a highlight of the features of The Repopulation. The game certainly holds a great deal of promise and many gamers, especially ex-SWG gamers, are looking forward to it! If you want to check it out, go to The Repop. website:

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  1. Alexrneb says:

    Thanks for the post! It was very informative.

  2. Nathan Johan says:

    You’re welcome! Hopefully this will persuade some to at least try it out!

  3. lotrconfan says:

    Wow, sounds great. I’ve heard a few things about the game, but never this much detail. Thanks!

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