Alexrneb On November - 18 - 2013

Today Farsider has joined me to talk about some of the class changes coming in LOTRO’s upcoming expansion”Helm’s Deep”.

Alexrneb: You have a level 85 Hunter so you probably know that class pretty well, What are some of the biggest changes for the hunter and what are the pros and cons of these changes?

Farsider: Probably the biggest changes coming to the hunter is that the changes in skills. What I mean by that is that some skills are placed in certain specs, others are updated, while others are completely removed. One thing which is evident is that each spec or trait line is more focused in its role. For example, the bowmaster is more than ever focused on burst dps in one place rather, while the huntsman is more sustained dps on the move, while the trapper focuses more on crowd control and debuffing. Advantages are that you are really good at what you are focused on. If a hunter prepares correctly under a bowmaster spec, he can take down a level target with only a few skills being used in that engagement. However the main disadvantage is that someone can’t do as much multirole as in the past. This can be looked at more in other classes than the hunter.

A Loremaster who specializes in Keeper of Animals will have more powerful pets than other loremasters who have different specs. A Runekeeper or Minstrel who spec in healing will do more healing than pre-Helm’s Deep healers as far as I can tell, but will have quite a bit less dps to do. Captain’s marks and heralds are located with the spec lines so there is less overlap but they will be more potent in their specialized roles. Wardens also are being more focused into their roles. Overall, Classes are being more focused into their intended roles with their respective traits, but with having fewer options outside their specs. However, you can have multiple saved specs which you can switch whenever you are not in combat.

Alexrneb: Can you give us an overview of the new feature “Big Battles”?

Farsider: Big Battles are a new instance type, this expansion having the first set of them. They have several different features including a larger number of enemies, more items to interact with, as well as a reward system. While you have no say in whether the Rohirrim or Isengard ultimately wins (Tolkien dictates that) you can lessen the damage the enemy does on your forces and help preserve the Hornburg in some aspects. There are different objectives that come up from time to time, such as protecting healing or siege supplies, holding a tower, destroying a siege engine, or escorting workers, all while hordes of orcs, goblins, uruks, dunlendings, and the like pour in for assault. Group numbers who can run it vary depending on which part of the Battle of the Hornburg you are running. As you complete  battles and objectives, you will acquire new jewelry which improves over time, marks and medallions, as well as spec  points which can be invested in the engineer, vanguard, or officer spec tree which is specifically for Big Battles. Engineers focus on repairs, siege engines, and supplies. Officers focus on commands, directing soldiers, and support roles. Vanguards use killstreak mechanics to, well, kill more bad guys. I think Big Battles could be more improved by giving players more guidance on what to do and where to go rather than just throwing them into the fray. I do think that Big Battles would be a great thing for the Saints LOTRO community. As a side note, the Hornburg (Helm’s Deep) looks very nice and I can see why it would take such a large army to capture it.


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