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A couple of days ago, there was a response from the developers on the roundtable question about how complex Landmark tools should be. While this didn’t come with any groundbreaking new information, we did get a bit of insight into the direction that they seem to be going. In this blog I provided the video link for you guys and give you kind of my take on the direction they seem to be going in. Having actually used Photoshop, I think my experience applies. We also have a couple of tidbits from PAX that we haven’t covered before, that I’ll toss out there too.

Here’s the link:


Lets start with the information provided in the video, in case you didn’t feel like watching/couldn’t watch. The general direction they stated they were going in is kind of a way to level up your toolset, by unlocking more complex tools as you reach milestones. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with this approach. It has it positives for a person like me, who is unable to grasp much in the graphic department. I have always felt that photoshop is far too complex to learn when it throws everything at you. So, yes, I believe that the option to be given a basic toolset should be there, that layers upon itself as you get more comfortable with it. However, there are some who learn best by just diving in the deep end and sinking or swimming. Forcing these types of people into working with the basic toolset could cause frustration, and actually lose them players. I think there should be a toggle between progressive and full toolsets. That way you make everyone happy.

Now for the newish information. Players will always spawn near landmarks. While we’ve known most resources will need to be gathered, things such as dirt (supercommon) will be given to us in an unlimited supply. Players will “probably” be able to take claims in subterranean areas. Also, you can move between servers at any time and record your build via a time lapse tool built into the game.

There you have it folks. What are your thoughts on all this?

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    Glad to see a blog about gaming! Thanks, good read!

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