lotrconfan On August - 3 - 2013

Gambling has a bad name, with good reason. You have the obvious ones, gambling on the races, at the casino, but you also have ones people would disagree on. Bungee jumping? Skydiving? According to some it’s a rush, but others disagree. Then you have the last type, the one that’s not as easy to see. We gamble with the fact that God loves us and will forgive anything. Is it really sin to pay for something under the table and get a better price? Is it wrong to download a movie from the internet? It isn’t hurting anyone. We gamble knowing we have everything covered by our loving Savior, knowing that our debt has been paid in full. Isn’t it time we stand up and throw all that into the wind?

As Christians, we have to take chances quite often and sometimes it can feel like we are rolling the dice. How do we know that the voice in our head is God, when sometimes it can be our own selfish nature, trying to get us the good life? But when we are asked by God to do something, anything, it can’t be called gambling anymore, because the same Savior that fulfilled that debt is standing ready to fix any mistakes we make while trying to follow His voice. Will we stumble sometimes? Of course. But He is there with His hand out, ready to pull us back over the cliff.

Will you take a gamble on the God of the universe? Is it really a gamble, knowing in your heart He created everything and has a plan for our lives? I’ve always been a cautious, thought first person, but I’m telling myself to throw it all in the wind and leap, trusting God to catch me. And it doesn’t feel like a gamble at all.



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  1. Alexrneb says:

    I never thought of it like that. Great post!

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