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You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.
- Isaiah 26:3

Circumstances do not create anxiety, but merely activate it. Worry pre-exists in the mind, and is unearthed when our state of affairs takes a turn for the worse. That’s why we must search inside our brains for anxiety, rather than blame our unease on externals. Worry is all psychological. It’s in the mind.

It’s integral to our well-being that we think about what we’re thinking about. The Bible teaches us to take our thoughts captive, to stay our minds on Him and be kept in perfect peace, to meditate on the law of the Lord, and to meditate on what’s lovely and admirable. Because our thoughts turn into tangible realities, and are never generated by circumstance but merely turned on by it, let us focus our minds on what we’re for, rather than against, and what inspires us rather than what disgusts us…then peace of mind will be ours.

Paul said that prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving would grant us perfect peace…Daniel practiced all three things, and he had peace in a lion’s den, whereas the king was up all night unable to sleep in a palace!

You can sleep with lions and have peace of mind, or lay on a royal featherbed and be an insomniac, because circumstance does not create, but merely activates worry.

Think about what you’re thinking about.


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  1. lotrconfan says:

    Good reminder, thanks!

  2. Alexrneb says:

    That was really good!

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