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Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.   – Psalm 37:4

When you chase a dream wholeheartedly, you can’t be surprised when you’re misunderstood. People will make fun of your ‘head in the clouds’ idealism, or question what you’re doing with your time when you’re privately chipping away at your (hopeful) masterpiece, or give you snide looks for not fitting in with tradition. But when you try to win over these orthodox critics, you lose the masses. Try to please the haters, and you’ll lose the greater majority of people who loved you for being you.

When you seek to live the dream, you’ll be scoffed at as losing touch with reality. But in reaching for your dreams you pull reality up to them…whereas in condescending to reality you pull your dreams down to it. So do not let the “realistic” people pull you down to their condescending level, but rise above it, keep your head in the clouds (while keeping your feet running fast on Earth), delight in the Lord…and He’ll make your dreams come true.

For those who take pleasure in the Lord, dreams and reality are not antithetical, but one and the same.



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  1. Alexrneb says:

    This really came at the right time. Thanks!

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