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You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me!

- John 5:39

God is not a theology book to be read, but an experience to be had.

When we hoist dogmas so highly that when we think of God, we think solely of a Book, we’re missing His personality. If I want to learn about the character of Sarah, I don’t write or read a book entitled “Sarahology.” I married her not to study her and define her by stock phrases or textbook definitions, but to experience her, talk to her, and have a living, breathing encounter with her. That’s why I married her.

Theology (which means the study of God) is wonderful if it happens to help you experience a Being (and not just a book). But if reading theology turns God into a robotic machine who’s boxed in a divine textbook, and if it makes us mean-spirited, narrow, and unloving, we’re missing His personality and the whole point of Christianity. For the apostles didn’t even have the New Testament canon, nor did Abraham own a Bible, yet they seemed to be some of the most intimate friends of God, well, ever.

Sometimes we are so blinded by the Scriptures, searching them for eternal life, that we can’t see Jesus for the phylacteries!

If dogmatizing and theologizing no longer help you to experience the Creative Energy, the Source from which all being springs, then close the doctrine books, and go walk underneath the Stars, with your favorite song playing in your ears, and experience God by talking to Him like you would your wife.

Get to know the Being, not just some textbook.


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    This was so good!

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