Kyrath On June - 24 - 2013

Hello Readers!

Although Saints 3G’s main focus is on The Repopulation, an upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMORPG, we still maintain a presence in our “Legacy Games.” The guild’s current legacy games are Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Minecraft. We host “Legacy Nights” in these games, in which we invite all of our players to return to the game for a night of fun and adventure!

The first Legacy night was in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). A bunch of us grouped up for some fun in Monster Play (LOTRO’s open-world PvP). Most of us were wargs, although there were a few orcs. We had quite a time adventuring across the map and battling against the Free Peoples! Dwarves and elves were no match for the strength of our pack…except for the few times we ran into more than we could handle, lol. All in all, the Saints had a great time in Middle Earth!

The second Legacy night was held in Guild Wars 2 last Friday. We began our Tyrian adventures in the Sanctum of Rall Borderlands, fighting off attackers in World vs. World PvP. We even managed to capture a tower! Then a group of us tackled a Fractal. It was the first time some of us had done one, so we struggled a bit. But eventually we prevailed! Afterwards, we participated in some Guild bounties, scouring Tyria for criminals. Clues of suspicious rats and barrels were no match for our tracking powers! To celebrate our victory, we let off some Dragon Bash fireworks and had a guild banquet, complete with sweet tea. Then, we headed south to a cave system to tackle a jumping puzzle. We were forced to brave a number of hungry moa, but we made it!

Join us to participate in future Legacy nights! The next Legacy night will be held in Star Trek Online this Friday night (6/28) at 7:30 PM EST. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Jao Thaun says:

    Mmm… and the Sweet Tea was delicious!

  2. Iconicfury says:

    Yum yum,… :)

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