Jao Thaun On June - 22 - 2013


The entire team at Cloud Imperium Games is proud to reveal today the ORIGIN Jumpworks 300 Series line of spacecraft. You’ve caught glimpses of the base model ORIGIN 300i over the past few months and now we’re pleased to unveil the entire line. We believe this ship represents some of our best work to date and that you’re going to want one parked in your hangar! From the well-equipped 315p explorer to the powerful 325a dogfighter to the speedy limited edition 350r racer, there’s a 300 Series ship for everyone.

In addition to the glossy ship brochure, we’re extremely pleased to present to you the very first promotional ship commercial —rendered entirely in-engine —aimed at showing you just what you’re putting in your hangar!

We’re debuting the base 300i commercial today and then over the course of next week we will have alternate commercials for each of the variants, similar to how present day car manufacturers treat the launch of a new model.

Click here to download the Origin 300 series Brochure

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  1. Iconicfury says:

    Look awesome!!

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