Jao Thaun On June - 14 - 2013


It is Friday and I have been hard at work getting everything ready for our big guild meeting tonight. One of the topics of tonight’s meeting is our new Primary Game, The Repopulation.

The Council has looked over several games and has decided that we are going to make our next home in TR. There is a lot of potential in this game for our guild, and we are excited to declare Saints 3G a Christian Nation on Rhyldan.

Please be sure to check out our new landing page http://tr.saints3g.com and share the link with your friends and on websites you visit! Or, you may want to start talking about TR in our the new forum The Repopulation.

Be sure to visit their website and begin learning about this game, you can find their website at http://www.therepopulation.com

Thank you all for being a member of Saints 3G, it has been an exciting 4 years, and quite a learning experience for us all, and I look forward to gaming with you for many years to come. I’ll see you on Rhyldan!

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