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New Year’s Eve, 2013. My mom, dad, and I went to Saulsbury, MD, to attend the New Year’s Eve party that was taking place in the city’s square. We traveled in our car and saw various shops and stores, a number of which a Christian should not even think of going into. We parked our car and traveled […]

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Previously known as EverQuest Next Landmark, Landmark is an upcoming game in development by Sony Online Entertainment. It is a game that is all about exploration and building, and has been likened to Minecraft but with better graphics. Landmark went into a Closed Beta stage on March 26th, and I was fortunate enough to get […]

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By now, I’m sure the majority of Saints 3G has heard about The Repopulation. However, for those who are newcomers, or those who are veterans but have not logged in a while, or for the idle person browsing the web, this blog is for you! The Repopulation is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG set several centuries […]

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