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Last night my family and I went to see God’s Not Dead, a Christian film that was just released to theaters last weekend. So I don’t give the movie away I will just say it was awesome! Here is a summary of the movie. Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton, finds his faith […]

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My first attempt at an MMO was Runescape. I only lasted a day and a half. I loved gaming, but I found out then and there that MMOs were not for me. Or so I thought. A year went by before a friend finally got me to try Lord of the Rings Online with her. […]

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Alexrneb: Hey, thanks for joining me today! Today we will be talking about general information on ships in Star Citizen. Out of all of the ships that are currently available which is the best combat ship? Kix: Combat as in ship vs ship, I would say the Hornet hands down so far. The reason is that […]

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