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Last night my family and I went to see God’s Not Dead, a Christian film that was just released to theaters last weekend. So I don’t give the movie away I will just say it was awesome! Here is a summary of the movie. Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton, finds his faith […]

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My first attempt at an MMO was Runescape. I only lasted a day and a half. I loved gaming, but I found out then and there that MMOs were not for me. Or so I thought. A year went by before a friend finally got me to try Lord of the Rings Online with her. […]

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Alexrneb: Hey, thanks for joining me today! Today we will be talking about general information on ships in Star Citizen.¬†Out of all of the ships that are currently available which is the best combat ship? Kix: Combat as in ship vs ship, I would say the Hornet hands down so far. The reason is that […]

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