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… and we’d love to have you join us! The Saints currently have two Minecraft servers set up: Feed the Beast: Monster and Feed the Beast: Unleashed, hosted by Romanovski. (A shout-out to Roman for all the work he puts into making our Minecraft experience as great as possible!) Most people are currently playing on […]

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Today Farsider has joined me to talk about some of the class changes coming in LOTRO’s upcoming expansion”Helm’s Deep”. Alexrneb: You have a level 85 Hunter so you probably know that class pretty well, What are some of the biggest changes for the hunter and what are the pros and cons of these changes? Farsider: […]

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Over two centuries ago a group of scientists and politicians and adventurers saw the destruction of Earth was imminent and started planning. They gathered together DNA samples of the best and brightest that earth had to offer across all races and classes. They sent out highly automated colony ships to as many planets as possible […]

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One of the best aspects of The Repopulation is their enormous skill list, and best of all… there is no skill cap. Once one skill set is mastered, you can progress into another skill set, but to master all 70+ skill sets will take a very long time so it is best to focus on […]

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