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Greetings to all my fellow Saints in the Lord! Just a quick update on the status of The Repopulation. The Repopulation has undergone major changes in the past few months and I thought it fitting to highlight some of these changes to whet your appetite. Real quick, however, for those new to The Repopulation: It […]

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The number of titles is growing. DOTA 2, League of Legends, Smite, Bloodline Champions, Guardians of Middle Earth, and more, plus more on the way, and new ones starting pretty much every month. They’re called Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBA for short. While DOTA 2 dominates North America, League of Legends (LoL) dominates the […]

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Previously known as EverQuest Next Landmark, Landmark is an upcoming game in development by Sony Online Entertainment. It is a game that is all about exploration and building, and has been likened to Minecraft but with better graphics. Landmark went into a Closed Beta stage on March 26th, and I was fortunate enough to get […]

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By now, I’m sure the majority of Saints 3G has heard about The Repopulation. However, for those who are newcomers, or those who are veterans but have not logged in a while, or for the idle person browsing the web, this blog is for you! The Repopulation is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG set several centuries […]

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Last night my family and I went to see God’s Not Dead, a Christian film that was just released to theaters last weekend. So I don’t give the movie away I will just say it was awesome! Here is a summary of the movie. Present-day college freshman and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton, finds his faith […]

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Alexrneb: Hey, thanks for joining me today! Today we will be talking about general information on ships in Star Citizen. Out of all of the ships that are currently available which is the best combat ship? Kix: Combat as in ship vs ship, I would say the Hornet hands down so far. The reason is that […]

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Today Farsider has joined me to talk about some of the class changes coming in LOTRO’s upcoming expansion”Helm’s Deep”. Alexrneb: You have a level 85 Hunter so you probably know that class pretty well, What are some of the biggest changes for the hunter and what are the pros and cons of these changes? Farsider: […]

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